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We help increase the revenue of your E-Commerce business with performance-oriented Social Media Advertising. 

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Our Philosophy

We see ourselves very differently from the old age approach and marketing agencies. We don’t offer full service, we focus our resources and attention on E-Commerce businesses and getting the best results for them with Paid Advertising. But this we do very well. Always with one and only one goal in mind: to generate your E-Commerce business more revenue. 

This focus allows us to be as quick, nimble and efficient as possible. We don’t like to waste time and use our resources on pretentiousness. 
100.000€ producing a TV spot? 10.000€ for a one-page print ad? And not even being sure how it will perform? We think this is not contemporary.
We work the other way around. We get your ads up and running as quick as possible, test with a reasonable budget for two to three months and optimize everything to be sure the ads are profitable. And then only we scale up and increase the budgets. No massive contracts with six figure budgets upfront with us. 
We are always on the lookout for better media buying opportunities, but at the time for almost all of our E-Commerce clients it is clearly Facebook / Instagram Ads. 
We believe in working together for the mutual benefit. So ideally we connect our goals with yours by working with a success based incentive. We’d rather keep you with us based on performance than longterm contract periods. The bigger the margin the better we can do this.
If we’ll work with you then only because we genuinely believe that it is going to be a home run and we can significantly improve the revenue of your web shop. That is why our work is always preceded by a discovery call to get to know you and see if we can help you. Of course always non-bindingly.
We have worked with various sizes of budgets and businesses so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Modern & Decentralized

Best of Both Worlds

How do we differ from other agencies? With us you’ll get the best of both worlds. A local team based in Munich, Germany (the heart of Europe) that takes care of you, plans and coordinates your project and who is your point of contact for everything.
At the same time though we are coordinating with an international, decentralized team of Social Media experts and copywriters with special experience in different E-Commerce niches and knowledge of different markets. That way you are saved from unnecessary structural costs but still have a whole team behind you taking care of your advertising efforts.
An in-house designer working at 40% capacity that you’ll have to co-finance? Doesn’t happen with us. A representative office and a fancy coffee machine to impress visitors just as little. With us you’ll pay for the service not for our inflated infrastructure.
In our view you are wasting money if in 2019 you are not benefiting from contemporary, international structures like this.
That is also the reason why we can run your adverting efforts in every European market. If you want to advertise only in the Netherlands we can help but also if you want to run a multinational campaign. 
Specifically we would like to highlight that we are experts for the German speaking market where we are based. So if you have had success in other markets and want to start running ads in Germany, Austria and Switzerland we can help you.

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